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Renovating Small Spaces

Tips for Renovating A Small Space

A crucial consideration of an inner city renovation is how to maximise space and light when restricted by small spaces with limited floor area and restricted natural light. Here are seven simple tips to create the illusion of a spacious, bright home when undertaking a makeover or modernisation.

Colour Creativity

It is known that the colour, size and shape, are three important factors to consider when re-decorating your room. The colours you choose will have an enormous impact on how light and spacious a room appears, such as, light coloured walls which make a room appear bigger and brighter. Meanwhile, darker colours have the opposite effect, seeming to bring the walls in to make the room look smaller. Choose off-whites, baby blues and pale greens to maximise space, and make sure that the flooring and woodwork is also kept as light as possible.

Lighten Up

Lighten Up Your Renovation

Creating additional light in a room can appear more inviting, by toying with the atmosphere and ambience, which adds the deception of space.  Skylights, are a popular favourite, creating a modern and contemporary feel, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, why not install unique pendant lights with a copper cable for a more personalised twist. Choose clever standing lighting with a small footprint to help dark corners recede and to brighten the entire space.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

A well- positioned mirror will bounce the light around the room, creating the illusion of a spacious living area. Experiment with mirrored furniture such as wardrobes and storage cabinets, which will help you maintain an organised area whilst opening up your room from the reflection of the mirror. Be sure to play around with the furniture by exploring different angles and turning around, to see what gives the most impact.

Floor it

If you’re considering a major renovation for your home, a mezzanine floor could be a cost-effective option, which could add an extra room to your home. This alternative to creating space allows you to add levels and depth to your existing room. Whether you need an additional bedroom or a home office, a mezzanine floor could solve a lot of space problems, at a fraction of the cost of an extension. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the building requirements first, once this has been acknowledged, opt for décor which fits seamlessly with the rest of the room, aiming for a clean, unfussy approach.


Door it

Many people never consider the impact that doors can have on the overall finish of a room. For example, by carefully selecting the right panelling and door handle, the design can be made into an interchangeable feature, which can be easily modernised and kept up to date with the latest home trends. Opt for a bespoke style which can be fitted from floor to ceiling to boost the overall sense of space. If space is tight, consider creating an archway which eliminates the swinging door effect to portray an open walkway.

Left on the Shelf?

Alcove shelving is a brilliant solution which makes use of the readily available space that you may not have thought to use. By making use of the small pockets of space on your wall, more room will be created for items such as books, ornaments and other small, personable items. There are many different options to choose from, such as floating and slatted shelves, but to make yours look and feel more traditional, pick an oak or pine material for that rustic chic look.

Dramatic Drapes

When considering small redecorating ideas, curtains should be at the top of your list. By hanging classic panelled curtains, which are made from a lightweight fabric, you will automatically notice the space difference in your room. The area will feel lighter, more airy which will let light flood through. Consider muted patterns and plaids with a vertical design to notice the floor to ceiling expansion. Avoid, overly patterned and heavily covered samples, which will drown out your room, making it look over crowded. Additionally, dark coloured curtains can seem to make a space look smaller too.

Guest Contributor: Holly Barry

Header Image Source: OH House designed by the Japanese architecture studio, Atelier Tekuto