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Renovation Experience

Share Your Renovation Experiences

Have you recently completed a property renovation or perhaps you are right in the middle of one? If so, our website visitors would love to read about it. Whether you are an experienced property developer or embarking on your first refurbishment, our customers would love to learn from your experience:-

  • Why did you decide to buy a rundown house?
  • Were there any major issues ?
  • Did you manage to stay on budget and on time?
  • Were you happy with your tradesmen?
  • Do you want to show off your before and after photos?
  • Did you sell the property, rent it out or live in it?
  • Would you take on another project?
  • In hindsight what would you differently?

We have a large audience of budding Sarah Beenys who would love to be inspired by your design solutions, learn from any problems you faced and discover the companies that helped you with your property project.

If you’d like to share your stories, please get in touch by emailing and we’ll publish them via our blog.