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Give Your House a Great Smile

Give your house a great smile!

A good front door is more than just a property face lift. In this blog we pass on some tips for choosing the right one for your property

A front door can dramatically change the character of a building, provide much needed extra security and it can act as a barrier between your home and whatever the elements have to throw at it.   So it’s worth spending some time researching what’s on the market before making your final choice.

The front of your property is probably one of the first things that people will see, and eventually their eye will naturally be drawn to its entrance.  The colour of the door is important: e.g.,  a duck egg blue front door might look a tad incongruous on an old Victorian house.  A more traditional darker shade of green, or even black or brown would be more likely to complement traditional features.

As in everything, the quality of the materials used is paramount.  Most burglaries today involve breaking in through the front door and so, from a security point of view, the harder the material the better. There are a variety of materials on the market, such as traditional timber, PVCu, and steel.  Hardwood will of course be expensive and so Composite doors are becoming increasingly popular.  As they are constructed from a variety of materials, they are significantly stronger and will also provide a very efficient insulation barrier. Thermal efficiency is a major factor:  all new doors sold and fitted in England and Wales now must have a minimum U-value.  Whilst this does not pose a problem for Composite doors, those made of other materials, such as timber, aluminium or PVCu panels may struggle to meet the criteria.

Apart from aesthetics and security, the weather is also an important consideration.  Your door must be watertight and wind resistant.  This is where Composite comes into its own.  The core and insulating materials of a composite door are protected by a glass reinforced plastic membrane which prevents the door from warping, twisting or cracking, as well as protecting it from the elements.

A word about hardware for your door, which will give you security of mind: there are numerous lock options to choose from, so many in fact, that to include them all will require a separate blog!