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Eco Friendly Renovation

Ensuring an Eco-Friendly Renovation

Carrying out any property renovation can be stressful, but how can you make sure that you are carrying out the work in the most eco-friendly way

There’s no avoiding the amount of waste that comes with diving into a property renovation project. This waste needs to be disposed of and many won’t give waste disposal a second thought, in amongst the many other factors that need time and energy.

With some careful planning and organisation, you can carry out a renovation that is not only stress free, but completely environmentally friendly. Too much of our waste goes to landfill sites, so the more we can do to decrease this unnecessary waste, the better.

Being mindful of recyclable and non-recyclable waste

Becoming aware of what materials can be recycled and what needs to be professionally disposed of is a great place to start. Your waste disposal should be included in your initial planning, so start by making a list of all of the materials you know will need to be removed and sort them into ‘recyclable’ and ‘non-recyclable’ categories.

This can help to massively reduce your waste straight out of the gate. You’ll not only notice how much easier it is to clear your property, but you’ll also create a lot less mess.

Investing in eco-friendly skip hire

Skip hire is often an essential part of any renovation and helps you to dispose of those materials that cannot be reused or recycled. There are many London skip hire companies that ensure your waste is disposed of in a completely eco-friendly manner.

With skip hire, you need not worry about lugging large amounts of waste down to the tip or a scrap yard. Simply store your skip on your land such as a driveway, and have it taken away once full. Skip hire works around your schedule, so you don’t have to stress about delivery and collection.

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Purchase reclaimed materials

Purchasing reclaimed materials is a great way to recycle old items. These could have been taken from your property and used in a brand new way, or bought and delivered to you. Many wooden beams, counter tops and glass can be easily reused during a property renovation, so it’s worth thinking about how you could integrate reclaimed materials into your renovation.

Keeping energy efficiency in mind

If you find yourself dealing with rewiring or replacing electrics, think about how energy efficient your new property design will be in the long run. Choose energy efficient light bulbs, lamps and electrics. Appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines all have energy efficient models and if you’re replacing old appliances during your renovation, this is a great, eco-friendly factor to consider.

The benefits of conducting an eco-friendly renovation reach far beyond simply protecting the environment and reducing our waste, it can also save you time and hassle over the course of the project. Make sure to plan and organise meticulously and you’ll not only be more eco-friendly, but you’ll also have a smoother renovation.