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All About Grout

For the perfect finish, it’s a must to spend as much time on your choice of grout as you do on your choice of tiles...

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Battered Bricks

Brightening up Battered Bricks

A big difference can be made to the exterior walls of your home without necessarily having to do a complete renovation job, we explore the options...

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Dining Room

The Death of the Dining Room?

Are the days of the dining room completely gone as a place for families to gather, eat, catch up on gossip and enjoy family banter? It would seem so....

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Renovating Small Spaces

Tips for Renovating A Small Space

A crucial consideration of an inner city renovation is how to maximise space and light when restricted by small spaces with limited floor area and restricted natural light....

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Building Site

How to Live on a Building Site

The builders are coming and you have decided to live in the house during the renovation. Here are five simple tips to help you survive living on a building site...

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