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West Norwood, Norbury and Gipsy Hill


These South London suburbs lie beneath the elevated site of the once famous Crystal Palace. The area's long-gone glories are slowly returning as fast rail links to the city attract city workers and their families in search of more home for their money than in neighbouring Dulwich and Streatham.


A wide range of family houses with flats and conversions attracting first time buyers. The larger houses are on the high ground and those with wonderful views of the city and surrounding area command the higher prices. West Norwood offers solid Victorian housing at a reasonable cost, from flats over shops to the smarter streets of more expensive properties found closer to West Dulwich. There are 1930's terraces and semis, as well as council built housing which is slowly being smartened up. Norbury's residential development took place between the wars - leafy roads of large houses and semis with gardens, as well as the later council estates and recently built affordable homes. Gipsy Hill is a popular neighbourhood with some attractive Georgian homes and large Victorian villas with spacious flat conversions. Mid-war flats here too, as well as modern, gated blocks of flats and council and ex-council homes.


Attractive for families - relatively reasonable three bed houses with gardens. Some good state schools. Young singles attracted by the plentiful supply of flats.