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Totteridge and Whetstone


Some of the largest and most expensive homes in London can be found in Totteridge, on the outskirts of North London. This suburban development is close to open countryside, yet conveniently linked to the city by rail and Underground services - a fabulous place to live for well-heeled city professionals. Those houses set in quiet country lanes and with green open views are the most highly sought after.


The most spacious detached properties with private driveways and hidden from the road are highly valued by better-off middle-class families, and also popular with show business and sports celebrities. More modest Victorian detached and 1930's semi detached houses can be found at the eastern end of Totteridge. Property in Whetstone tends to be older and more modest, both in price and size, and the area also has a number of more affordable purpose-built apartments.


The wealthier middle classes, popular with show business and sports celebrities such as pop stars and footballers. The whole area a very desirable place to live.