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Knightsbridge, in the heart of London, is one of the most exclusive areas in which to live. Its proximity to acres of Royal Parkland, a wealth of expensive shops, grand hotels and foreign embassies has secured the popularity of Knightsbridge since Victorian times. Knightsbridge was and will remain a safe and respected area for long-term investment by both British and foreign buyers.


Flats make up the vast majority of living accommodation. Pretty Victorian cottages in narrow streets with picturesque squares and quiet cobbled mews give parts of Knightsbridge a distinctly village atmosphere. It also boasts large, elegant 18th and 19th century terraced houses, grand mansion blocks of spacious apartment living as well as new developments of exclusive homes which include the multi-million pound properties. Knightsbridge continues to replace its unwanted 60's and 70's concrete eyesores with both commercial and residential properties.


Property in Knightsbridge is popular with diplomats and their families because of its closeness to Westminster as well as international executives - companies buy short term lease flats as a London base. International buyers are in the majority although the area remains a draw for the very wealthy English.