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Forest Hill


Forest Hill can safely be described as 'respectable' and is defined by its extensive wooded areas and quiet, tree-lined roads. Surprisingly so, since the area rises to the east of Dulwich and is only 15 minutes away from the capital by train. The trains are fast and frequent and there are lots of buses. It is convenient for Dulwich golf course and park, Crystal Palace park and the National Sports Centre.


Victorian homes predominate, many of which have been divided up into flats. The largest properties are usually found on the high ground, such as those in the north west around Hornimans. Modest terraces are mostly seen to the north around Honor Oak Park. To the south east and over the railway track, the area becomes flatter and has a good mix of properties, detached and semis, smaller terraced, Victorian/Edwardian, 1930's as well as modern. The best homes though lie around its central local assets which include an aquarium, impressive galleries, and gardens for summer concerts.


Large Victorian houses are currently sought after, and some of those which became flats are now being converted back. Lower to middle income families are attracted to the area, as well as first time buyers looking for the one and two bedroomed flats.