London Areas

Discover the property types, typical buyers and local transport links for all the London areas we cover.



Chelsea is bounded on its southern edge by the River Thames and is one of the capital's most prestigious and up-market locations. Due to the success of the football club, after a buy-out from a very rich Russian gentleman, Chelsea, (SW3) is now known around the world and is synonymous with wealth. The old Chelsea College of Art boasts flats with '8-star' facilities and the price doesn't include £100,000 for a parking space. King’s Road is one of London’s most popular shopping streets. Excellent transport links, beautiful parks, fashionable shops and restaurants, galleries, museums and grandiose properties are but a few of Chelsea's attributes. Chelsea Football Club has its grounds at Stamford Bridge, and so is located in Fulham Broadway, not in Chelsea.


Typical properties in SW3 include lovely Georgian and early Victorian homes, situated in garden squares, small streets of cottages, or mews. There's a wonderful collection of properties, including imposing red-brick mansion blocks (north of the King's Road and Sloane Square), picturesque cottages and charming artists' studios. Luxury flats are increasing in availability. Don't bother searching for a bargain in Chelsea, they are long gone, yet Kensington borough's more western reaches, once previously considered shabby and rundown, have now emerged as property hot spots.


The upmarket and arty locals are gradually being displaced by international bankers, with many foreign buyers. The wealthier middle classes live here and city types blessed with immense bonuses. Russians are moving in, to join the already established American and European residents. Prosperous, city-based home owners mostly, who aren't in any rush to sell, so properties can have a tendency to stay on the market for a long time.