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The area of SE5 is a built-up inner city district located just less than three miles south-east of central London. Camberwell has remained a secret to most people, due to the lack of an underground station, even though there are plenty of buses running down Denmark Hill and Camberwell Road towards the city centre. Camberwell Green marks the area's lively centre and leads to a blend of bars that grow trendier each year, plus fried chicken joints, delicatessens and a mixture of the usual High Street stores. It's an interesting mix of old and new, with expansive parks and equally expansive council estates. Many of the shops on the main drag are still pound shops and charity affairs, but to the east things are becoming smarter along Church Street. There is a strong African and Afro-Caribbean influence in Camberwell, along with a slight Greek-Cypriot presence and a strong student representation, drawn from Goldsmiths College, Camberwell College of Arts, Kings College London, and the Institute of Psychiatry.


Camberwell has a mixture of relatively well preserved Georgian and twentieth century housing, including a number of tower blocks. Camberwell Grove and Grove Lane have some of London's most elegant and well preserved Georgian houses. The scruffy main roads in the congested centre of Camberwell conceal pockets of lovely Georgian properties, as well as many more modern terraces and converted flats. New developments are appearing, which add town houses to the already wide spectrum of property on offer. Gentrification is rife and there are some lovely properties to be had on the quieter leafy streets.


There is a great mixture of people in Camberwell, including: art students, professionals, hospital staff, council tenants and theatre people. Not as bustling, or fashionable as Brixton, but an interesting mix of people. Increasing in number are the professional families, looking for good value for money in a lively location.